About Us

Growing up in rural Western Massachusetts I was fortunate enough to accumulate and retain many fond memories of my childhood. One such memory was watching my neighbor Tony provide for his family using his 1940s era walk behind tractor. With that little tractor Tony was able to till his garden, shape his beds, hill and dig his potatoes. All with this compact machine known as a walk-behind tractor, Tony was able to provide “real food” for his family and friends with very little effort.

Fast forward 40 years I found myself in the market for a walk-behind tractor so I too could provide “real food” like Tony did. So I began a quest, a quest to find a quality, well built, long lasting tractor that is built by a solid family-owned company. My search ended after being introduced to Grillo brand walk behind tractors and implements by my friends at Earth Tools in Owenton, Kentucky.

After using the G110 that I purchased for a full season I decided that would like to make these hidden gems easily available in the New England region, so I started New England Self Reliance LLC and website with the hopes of showcasing little known, well-made products manufactured by family companies. With the help from Earth Tools, New England Self Reliance is now the exclusive Grillo Walk-behind tractor dealer in the Southern New England Area.

Sales area for Grillo Equipment

In order to keep costs as low as possible we do not carry an inventory, but in most cases delivery can take place in two to three weeks, and we do service what we sell.